After just nipping onto our Digital Marketing Communication Management blog for Sil and Teeg Digital, it appears that from our traffic and the search terms used that we are still pissing people off by out ranking them.  Call us what you will however this is further proof for us that our tactics last year were correct.

Good luck to everybody studying the DMCM / Digital Marketing Communications Management unit this year! Uncle Sil and Uncle Teeg are sure that you will find it most enjoyable…. especially beating Dave to the top of Google 😉


Sil and Teeg


DMCM Final Blog Post

Posted: April 4, 2011 in DMCM

Site Traffic










These views can’t be identified as unique visitors as WordPress has simple analytics and is not compatible with Google Analytics.
Top all time search terms: Top 5






















• Facebook has brought the most traffic as our top referrer
• Gumtree ad top for search phrase Digital Marketing Communication Management












By blogging about relevant material we received interest from marketing bloggers who linked to our site; and @the3marketeers.

Google Ranking:
When searching DMCM on Google we appear 8th and are the 2nd Student Blog













For Digital Marketing Communication Management two rank checkers claim we are top of Google, however on Google we rank 17th. We also rank top for our first vertical variable: Sil and Teeg Digital, However, cannot be found for Kitchens Warrington or North West Kitchens














Eii) What we did to promote our site:
Social Networking:
Facebook Page:
• Created to raise awareness and drive traffic to our website
• This has been successful in driving traffic as Facebook has been our top referrer.
• SilTeegDigital
• Brought about top 10 referral traffic (No.4 with 13 referrals)
We were late getting our adverts onto these channels, not much time to generate our social interest

Gumtree Advert:
Gumtree advert has proved successful with regards to our key search phrase “Digital Marketing Communication Management” It has delivered 2nd highest referral traffic and currently ranks top of Google, however this has competed directly with our blog site’s ranking. Plus we cannot track analytics for Gumtree adverts, therefore cannot examine our traffic stats such as bounce rate.

Directory Websites:
• Placed Sil and Teeg Digital as a Digital Marketing Agency on several directory websites
• Highly ineffective – 0 referrals us from any directory websites
SEO Optimised Copy:

• When blogging on our site we used SEO optimised copy containing our chosen search terms
• Can be difficult to include SEO optimised text without just listing the search terms we wish to be found for

Eiii) Post campaign Reflection – What we would do differently next time.
• Would not use as it doesn’t support Google analytics and therefore cannot provide in depth data analysis from our blog site.
• Wouldn’t use a Gumtree ad as cannot determine an ads bounce rate and evaluate its success when compared to referrals.
• Use our key search terms in the URL – when first starting out we chose a generic URL:, if we had known back then what we did know we could have chosen or
• Apply search terms to one blog site not two; in our case we applied the generic search terms to and vertical terms to – our client

Matthew Lewis 07297952
Matthew Guy 07344191

Our DMCM / Digital Marketing Communication Management course is coming to a close with our final evaluation blog post to be uploaded later on this afternoon.

This blog post will contain analysis and evaluation our traffic and the Digital Marketing Communication Management initiatives that Sil and Teeg Digital have put in place throughout the year.

Let see if Google will be kind to us this afternoon and recognise our efforts with a bump up the rankings for DMCM and Digital Marketing Communication Management.

Digital Marketing Communication Management
Sil and Teeg Digital

After racing to the top it seems we have fallen just as fast. Our site has gone from page 1 to page 4 for DMCM. Hopefully we can reconvene our fight for the top and join the race once again.

We have also dropped for Digital Marketing Communication Management and as you can expect we’re not to happy.

Keep checking Google for Digital Marketing Communication Management and DMCM and see where Sil and Teeg Digital are ranking.

The Sil and Teeg Digital day is over with a variety of highs and lows for Digital Marketing Communication Management and DMCM search terms on Digital Marketing Communication Management. Lets hope that P Smith Joinery can help cause through links to his blog site ran by Sil and Teeg Digital for his search terms of Kitchens Warrington, North West Kitchens and P Smith Joinery.

Check up on us tomorrow guys and keep checking our Google rank for:

Digital Marketing Communication Management and DMCM

P.s see if you can see our cheeky link on gumtree at the top of Google for one of the above search terms.

After being trampolined to page one of Google for Digital Marketing Communication Management we have been slammed back down to page 2. However on the other hand we have been bounced up to page one of Google for DMCM. Lets see if we come falling back down Google again!

Our Digital Marketing Communication Management evaluation is in progress and due to be finished on time for Monday! Here’s hoping we will rank where we have aimed to on Google for our terms Digital Marketing Communication Management and Digital Marketing Communication Management.